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HDD Vs SSD Web Hosting

Many hosting packages available today offer customers the option of either an HDD or an SSD hard drive. However, what many users don’t realise is that SSDs bring significant benefits to your website. In this post, we’ll look at the differences between two types of hard drive and explain why SSD is the best option and why Dog’s Web Hosting made the decision to only use SSD hard drives in their servers. What’s the difference between HDD and SSD hard drives? A hard drive is the place where all a server’s data is stored. This includes the operating system, your website software and all your website data and content. Any software updates or website changes are written to that drive and when someone visits your site, the information on the drive needs to be read and processed. On traditional HDD drives, that information is stored on thin, metal disks that spin at around 7,200 RPM. Using similar technology to a CD or DVD, information is written to it or read from it using a read/write head that hovers close to the disk’s surface. The Achilles heel of the HDD drive is that it is built using moving parts. At 7200 RPM, a disk will spin almost 3.8 billion times in a year. Over time, this will eventually lead to wear and tear and, at some point, its mechanical parts will start to fail. Its other problem is that the speed at which data can be written and read is limited by how fast it can spin. Again, this is a limitation caused by it using mechanical technology that, in many respects, we first saw with the gramophone. An SSD (solid state drive) works in a completely different way. It has dispensed with moving parts completely and, instead, stores data......

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